Obligatory first post…

Well, I have finally succumbed to the blogosphere. A quick background: I work for a large national systems integrator in the US. Officially by title I am the Technology Manager for the Data Center Practice in my district. In my role I wear multiple hats with a healthy mix of operating in a business strategy role, leading a virtual data center engineering team, and providing pre-sales engineering support to the field in sales campaigns. The best part of my job is interacting with customers, listening to their business problems, translating those into technical requirements and providing solutions to those problems. It is a fun and challenging job which forces creative thinking on a day to day basis which keeps me on my toes. No day is like the day before, and that’s something I enjoy. This blog will serve to primarily discuss the technology and more importantly the application of said technology that is driving the revolution in the data center space today — namely the push towards virtualizing everything! Hence the name of the blog.

I look forward to sharing technical info, sparking conversation around these technologies/market trends as well as any comments you may have.

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  1. Great Job as always….

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