My name is Vijay Swami and I am a data center technologist that focuses on compute systems, storage, virtualization, cloud computing frameworks and all the integration points inbetween. This blog will serve as an open forum to discuss various market trends, technologies, and their application to provide business value.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are my own and are NOT representative of my employer’s.

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7 replies

  1. I like the blog. Just subscribing for site updates.

  2. Can you add an RSS feed?

  3. Hi Vijay,

    How on earth did you ever discover the reguired evc.enable=false tweak in dev.properties? That’s amazing work finding that out.


  4. Can you please add RSS feed ?

  5. I am a novice in storage and virtualization world and really pleased to read some of your blogs…exploring your other posts..

    Thanks a ton

  6. Here are some question that I have.

    1>> Raid Type 1/0 , 5 and 6 are only possible as per my understanding, y is that so?

    2>> Is it possible to create RAID 5 for FC & RAID 6 for SATA?

    If no, then y??

    If I create a pool with 15 disks, of RAID TYPE 5, then i guess the FLARE creates 3 RAID GROUPS of (4+1) . right?

    I also guess if that is so then, for every RAID GROUP it creates 10 internal LUN , more like a private LUN .

    If I am wrong , let me know so that I can correct myself.

  7. Just a magnificient blog seen in a long time. The way you explain complex concepts with the help of diagrams is just amzing… Hatsoff!!

    Keep up the excellent work Swami!


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