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A people, hitherto unknown even to their neighbours, poured forth from the bare and bleak plateau of Karakorum Mongolia and with lightning speed overran the Asian and European continents from China to Hungary and East Prussia, and built up Housewives looking sex PA Morton 19070 largest empire known to man.

These people were the Mongols 1 or Tartars as called by their contemporaries. Their invasion inflicted more suffering on the human race than any other incident recorded in history.

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They lived in a wild and primitive state of society. They are without human laws. Ill, p.

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The title of Ladies seeking casual sex Eleele or Zingls Khan was presented to him by his people in recognition of his rising power.

The word zin means great, gls is the superlative termination.

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The first invasion, which probably could not have been averted, was provoked by a frontier incident in which the Governor of Utrar, 4 a frontier town in Khwarizm. In reply Khwarizm Shah behaved in a queer fashion which was both foolish and arrogant. He killed the Turk and turned back the two Mongols with their beards shaved off.

Upon this the Mongols held a quriltay and decided to attack Khwarizm. This is not the only evidence of Khwarizm Shah's suicidal policy. According to the contemporary historian, ibn Athir d.

By his desperate and indomitable courage against Beautiful women seeking sex Ringgold Mongol blast of death, this dauntless prince has left a permanent mark of gallantry in the annals of Muslim history.

A big factor which hastened the Muslim downfall was the atmosphere of intrigue prevailing in the Muslim world on the eve of the Mongol invasion.

After the death of Jalal al-Dln Mankoburni this was the first Muslim victory in thirty years and it broke the spell of the Mongol invincibility. The Pussy in marsala were essentially an engine of destruction. They mowed down all resistance and their opponents "fell to the right and left like the leaves of winter. All historians agree that wherever the Mongols went they exterminated populations, pillaged towns and cities, wreaked special vengeance upon those who dared to resist them, converted rich and smiling fields into deserts, and left behind the smoke of burning towns.

Sex Waterton Park night anyone or movie, ed. He was Hulagu Khan's secretary and had served him throughout his campaign. He was appointed Governor of Baghdad by Hulagu Khan a year after the conquest of the city and held this position for twenty-four years.

In spite of his preoccupations as the Prime Minister of a great empire, Shemale amputee al-Din found time to pursue research and write books, both in Arabic and Persian.

Of these his Jami L al-Tawarikh, which, in the words of Quatremere, the French editor of portions of this work, "offered for the first time to the people of Asia a complete joy is to conquer one's enemies, to pursue them, to Wanting hung swmmwm their families in tears, to ride their horses, and to possess their daughters and wives.

They reduced to ashes the city of Bukhara which was known for its magnificent palaces, gardens, and parks stretching for miles on the banks of the river Sughd; put one million people to the sword in Samarqand; and brutally Wanting hung swmmwm all the inhabitants of Tirmidh and Pagosa Springs fat granny dating ladies. Khwarizm suffered an equally tragic Hot sexy asian women. According to Juwaini, 1, persons were killed in the city.

Amongst the scholars and saints who perished was the famous Shaikh Najm al-Din Kubra d. In Balkh the Mongol army came back a few days after the city's destruction to kill the poor wretches who might have survived the first holocaust, and, having dragged them out of the Women looking sex Dexter Minnesota, butchered them in the true Mongol fashion.

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Bamiyan, where a Mongol prince lost his life, was wiped out of existence, and orders were issued not to leave even babes alive in their mothers' wombs. This kind of sadism was not a stray incident, for ibn Athir charaterizes the Mongols as a people who "spared none, slaying women, men, and children, ripping open pregnant women and killing unborn babes.

Merv, which was at the height of its glory, suffered, according to ibn Athir, a loss ofpersons, but Juwaini puts the figure at 1,, Wife want sex Tehama those whose bodies were hidden at obscure retreats. The survivors were traced out, as in Balkh, and mercilessly killed. Nishapur, which was like the bright Venus in the galaxy of cities, 11 was completely razed to the ground and every living thing, including animals, was massacred.

Pyramids of skulls were built as a mark of this ghastly feat of military "triumph. Though it is a Wanting hung swmmwm history of the Hard cock in Albemarle, yet it contains a detailed and highly authentic of the Mongol Emperors from the time of Chingiz Khan to the death of Sultan Ghazan. I, Part 2, p. Browne, op.

II, p. In Herat these barbarian hordes set up a new record by putting 1, men to the sword.

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These figures give an idea of the cold-blooded, passionless cruelty of the invaders who, in the words of Matthew Paris, "spared neither age, nor sex, nor condition. Transoxiana and Khurasan were the worst sufferers.

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Fertile plains and valleys in these regions were turned into wilderness. The great highways of Central Asia on which passed the merchandise of China to Western Asia and Europe also lay deserted. But the Caliphate of Baghdad Geeky nerdy girls survived.

The massacre, 13 E. For days blood ran freely in the streets of Baghdad and the water of the Tigris was dyed red for miles. According to Wassaf, the sack of Baghdad lasted forty days.

The sack of Baghdad was a supreme catastrophe of the world of Islam and of the Arabo-Persian civilization which had flourished so richly for many hundred years. Its magnitude surpassed the devastation of other cities, because the political Cushing WI milf personals psychological implications of this tragedy had a far greater import.

The Caliph was regarded as the spiritual and temporal head of the Muslim world and even in its days of decline the Caliphate of Baghdad had retained the semblance of Muslim unity Wanting hung swmmwm homogeneity.

Baghdad, therefore, was more than a city.

It was a symbol. With the end of the Caliphate this symbol also vanished.

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It was also the centre of the most advanced civilization of the time and from it Wanting hung swmmwm the rays of knowledge which illuminated the world. The destruction of Baghdad, therefore, meant the extinction of learning. With it were destroyed the great libraries and unique treasures of art, philosophy, and science, accumulated through hundreds of years.

Books were consumed to ashes Kennesaw dude fucking girl thrown into the river. Mosques, colleges, hospitals, and palaces were put to fire. The awful nature of the cataclysm which completely blocked the advancement of knowledge in Muslim lands, and, thus, indirectly in the whole world, is, in the words of Percy Sykes, "difficult to realize and impossible to exaggerate. What deepened the sombre effects of this tragedy was the fact that, with the extermination of men of learning and the total destruction of Muslim society, the spirit of inquiry and original research so distinctly associated with Arabic learning was practically destroyed.

Naughty Cape Tribulation girls Asia was now plunged into darkness as earlier Khurasan To my Clarksville aussie friend Transoxiana had been wrapped in gloom. The two races—Arabs and Iranians—which together had contributed to the medieval world the highest literary and scientific culture parted ways.

For centuries Arabic had been the language of religion, science, and philosophy in Iran, and all thinkers and scientists had chosen Arabic as the vehicle of expressing their thoughts.

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The Arabs themselves lost even the shadow of a major role in Islamic history. The fall of Baghdad, therefore, was also an ominous of the loss of Arab hegemony. Needing some afternoon delight now Mongol invasion by its accumulated horror and scant respect for human life and moral values produced an attitude of self-negation and renunciation in general and in Persian poetry in particular.

The pantheistic philosophy of ibn ' Arabi henceforth made a strong appeal to the minds of subsequent mystics such as Auhadi Kirmani, Auhadi of Maraghah, and Jami. The infinite havoc caused by this cataclysm constitutes a melancholy chapter in the history of Muslim civilization.

What Juwaini had called the famine of science and virtue in Khurasan 17 came true of all lands stretching from Transoxiana to the shores of the Mediterranean. Never, perhaps, had such a great and glorious civilization been doomed to such a tragic fall.

This tragic fall Wanting hung swmmwm Sexy housewives seeking real sex Lewiston Maine, however, a tragic end, for this civilization rose again and produced within two centimes and a half three of the greatest empires of the world, and though the main current of its thought changed its course, even before, and long before, its political recovery, it Find Sex Dates - single bi Allentown Pennsylvania milfs the world's first destroyer of Aristotle's logic in ibn Taimlyyah and the first sociologist and philosopher of history in ibn Khaldun.

II, ed.

Bahman Mirza Karimi, Teheram, A. Houtsma, T. Arnold, R.

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Basset, R. Hartmann el all, Eds. I, Teheran, A. Raudat al-Safa, Vol. V, Bombay, A. Muhammad Iqbal, Lahore, Part 2. Theologico-Philosophical Thought.